Super Bowl commercials were beyond bad

QUICK READ: Last night’s Super Bowl was a clear indication that ad agencies are broken and are lacking talent. The money wasted on these spots is wasted and for almost all the advertisers will not result in increased sales.

I’m a huge football fan but the spots on the Super Bowl were so bad I actually turned off the game at halftime. Thinking it might just be me I checked with several people on social media and they all said the same thing “who aired this garbage?”.

Take, for example, the Hyundai spot to introduce the new Genesis SUV. We didn’t actually get to see the SUV until the final few seconds of the spot as it was focused more on entertainment than showcasing the new vehicle.

While Bill Murray’s Jep spot was cute it’s not going to result in any new Jeep sales but hey, the executives from the agency probably thought it was great.

While the Super Bowl always draws a massive TV audience (98.2 million people tuned in to view the event last year on CBS), many people don’t care to watch. They might instead be out and about in places where digital out-of-home billboards are on display. A media buyer who did not wish to be named calculated that $5 million would bring an advertiser an eight-week purchase on such a billboard in 25 U.S. markets, with a 12.5% share of voice. That would account for 5,144 ads placements, which would deliver 862 million impressions, according to the buyer.

Ad agencies are broken and last night’s Super Bowl was a clear indication that there is a huge talent void as well. Buzz does no equal sales.

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