A successful BLOG is hard work

People search Google for “How to start a blog” 121,000 times per month worldwide. That’s nearly 4,000 people who consider starting a blog every day. In fact, in the United States alone, there are already over 30 million active bloggers posting at least once per month. And that number is expected to grow to nearly 32 million by 2020.  If you’re going to Blog you need to work at it.

Over 2 billion blog posts are being published each year worldwide. That’s 5,760,000 per day and 4,000 published each minute. (2018, Internet Live Stats). If you want to cut through the clutter you need to be aware that you have a lot of competition.

The first thing you need to decide is “how serious are you about writing?” and “are you ready to put in the time to make your Blog successful?”. A lot of people think that using a certain blogging platform and adding a couple of plugins is all that’s needed to be successful but that’s not true by a long shot.

What else makes Blogs successful?

The more you pay attention to your web analytics, the better your results: 19% of bloggers rarely or never look at their web analytics to see traffic and engagement data, and this group is far less likely to report getting strong results than bloggers who always check their analytics. Only 15% of the “never”/”rarely” camp say they get strong results, while 41% of the “always” camp say they do. (2018, Orbit Media)

The most successful blog posts are easy to skim: 43% of people say they skim over blog posts rather than always reading them thoroughly. Get used to this. Today there is TOO much content and people just don’t have time to read it all. A summary or bullet list is a great way to highlight key points.

Lost in all the blogging statistics is another point I would like to make. You need to write from the heart. What I mean by that is writing about something that’s a passion to you. Your passion will come across in your writing and you’ll get more followers.

Should I pay to promote?

This is a great issue we all struggle with. I have tried a couple of services where you pay to promote your posts/blog and to tell you the truth they are hit and miss. It’s better to share your posts on social media and within your circle of influencers. Remember that building a Blog following takes time. You need to be persistent and get better as you learn what people want to read.

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