Stupid is as stupid does: never abandon your branded website for social media

One of the negative things about the Internet is that it gives every Bozo a voice (including me), but marketers have to be able to understand what is pure bullshit and what applies to their brand, company and target audience.  The lastest bit of stupidity comes from someone who wrote an article called “Four Reasons to Jettison the Traditional Website and Go Social”.  This “article” was so off base and full of bullshit that I had to take a blood pressure pill to ensure that I could read it without yelling out “no, no, idiot !

I am not going to list a lot of statistics about branded website lead to a higher conversion level than social media sites or how people go to branded websites when they have a question about the brand or product as that data is everywhere on the Web.   If you think that people want to go to your Facebook page versus your branded website to learn about your products than you have been in your office for way too long and need to get out once in awhile.

I have spent a lot of time over the last 2-3 years leading market research into how consumers use the Internet and I can tell you that time after time people turn to branded websites when they want information about a product or brand.   However, they expect you to be on social media IF they have a question about  your product and they expect an answer in Internet time not 9-5 office hours.

If  you believe that you can develop a Facebook page and abandon your branded website then you are very out of touch with consumers and how people use the Internet.  Take everything you read on the Internet with a grain of salt and realize that not everything is applicable to your brand/product category.   I use the Web to collect marketing information, but I also understand that no information is applicable to every product or brand.

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