Stop telling marketers what “they should do”

Dont-tell-me-what-to-doPost Summary: OK, I understand that we all have opinions on marketing bit nobody should write a BLOG post that says “marketers must do this or that they have to be on social media”.  That’s bull probably coming from people who love to pontificate and don’t work for a consumer products company.  You can’t tell people that they should do this or use this tactic unless you have a resume of successful brand marketing marketing.  Leave the cute drawings of a man in a pit helmet and don’t use a picture of yourself on your BLOG because it’s not about you.

I read a bio of a social media “consultant” that said he had been a consultant to Fortune 5oo companies and published a book on social media marketing but missing from that description was anything to tell  me he had actually added value to business objectives and drove sales.  Anyone can go into a Fortune 5oo company and present data on why a company should embrace social media but I would rather hear from someone that actually did it and what they learned along the way. Instead he is prmoting his book which makes him more money.


Then there are social media marketing sites that have drawings of a man in a pit helmet and try and promote their surveys.  If you look at who was surveyed you’re likely to find that is was more B2B people and low level marketers than decision makers.  Another fail.

Nobody can tell you what you should do and where you should be because your product category is unique and has unique customer characteristics. I can give you a dozen reasons why a candy maker should have a website instead of a Facebook page but if research shows that their audience is using Facebook more than branded websites than that is where they need to be.


My goal of this site is not to tell you to do this or that. rather it’s to try and get marketers to think like their customers and use their primary research to gain a better understanding of customer needs and wants.  Stay away from BLOG posts that use the words “must” as they are written by someone who is too smitten with numbers.



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