Sorry, but content marketing doesn’t work

  • Content marketing has been promoted as a “must” for brands.
  • Consumers don’t have the time to read all the content that’s out there.
  • To get your message across use bullet point summaries of content and callouts.

People may still find you because of your quality content, but this is already becoming increasingly hard to do because pretty much everyone is doing the same thing.  And the result is that everything being published merely adds to the noise that’s already going on. In addition,[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””] people are overwhelmed with content and just don’t have the time to read all the content that’s out there.[/inlinetweet]

Is this true for all products and brands?  No, not necessarily.  Health content, for example, may be read for people who have a vested interest in certain health topics, but please don’t tell me that content on how to make a better pizza is going to be read or make consumers want to buy your product.

Some news sites understand the content marketing challenge so they include brief summaries at the top of their stories.  It’s easier to read on a mobile device than full text content and quickly conveys the key points of the story.

What can brands do?

1ne: Use summaries of content whenever possible.

2wo. Never make content longer than one one scroll of the web page.

3hree: Use callouts to emphasize key brand messages.

4our: Test content via web analytics to ensure it’s relevant to t=your audience and delete irrelevant content.

Finally, use your web analytics to understand “why” people are coming to your website. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Remember, they control your online brand and can turn off messages with the click of the mouse.[/inlinetweet]


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