Social media is sooo over

over social mediaFred Wilson says “the social media phase of the Internet ended” in 2014.  In a post looking back at what happened in 2014, he says social media is pretty much dead. Messaging apps have replaced social media apps, says Wilson.  “Messaging is the new social media Families use WhatsApp groups instead of Facebook. Kids use Snapchat instead of Instagram. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp in February of this year was the transaction that defined this trend.”

As marketers are pouring more money into social media it seems that consumers may have moved on.  There are some troubling signs to that effect, including the fact that a small minority of users is responsible for 80% of the posts and users have also grown tired of advertisers interrupting them while they are catching up with friends and family.

This author believes that social media is a requirement for brands both to listen to what people are saying and as a feedback channel for products and brands.  What I fail to really understand is that while marketers are spending more on digital marketing too many are still ignoring their branded websites and don’t even do the basics like conduct usability testing or website optimization.


There is also a downside to consistently using messaging apps.  It’s easy to be passive aggressive using a messaging apps and it may cause some people to loose key, in person, communication skills.

Marketers have to walk a fine line between traditional marketing and social media marketing.  Consumers don’t like to be sold they want relationships with brands on their terms.

I have always felt social media was overhyped adding to the wallets of social media consultants so they could sell you more books.  Again, it comes down to thinking and getting close to your customers on their terms.