Social media marketing: a has been that never was

imagesIn case you missed it, it turns out that organic reach within Facebook is at an all time low at the same time that ad blockers are growing so fast that some smart phone manufacturers are thinking of including ad blockers on new models.  When will marketers stop believing the hype and finally figure out that consumers don’t want to be bothered with irrelevant ads?

Social media “marketing” is continuing to fade as a must have for most brands as the so called experts now shift their focus to mobile marketing.  According to “the experts” you need to be on mobile because it’s growing so fast, or is it?

According to Custora 71% of all eCommerce orders in April were on Pc’s/desktops and although searches are up they are for local businesses or directions.  Clearly, what we have here is failure to communicate.


The Reality of Social Media Marketing

1ne: People want to connect with each other, not brands.  They don’t have time for irrelevant messages.

2wo: You need social media to respond to customers when THEY need you, not when you want to broadcast new promotions.

3hree: Don’t fall “into the trap “that you need to be on…”.

4our: The so called “experts” are legends in their own minds and wouldn’t last a week working for a consumer branded product.


Are online ads dead? No, not at all, but rather than try to measure each ad on each webpage and by clicks you should look at your overall marketing.  If I see an ad for a new Haagen Dazs ice cream I will probably just buy it if I’m interested.  I don’t need to click on the ad to “learn more about it”.

The bottom line…know your customers and think like a consumer.


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