Social Media: Look what you did!

UnknownDear social media: You came along and gathered millions of users around the world and shamelessly I thought I could use you as jus another advertising and promotional channel.  However, consumers had other ideas.  They wanted to use social media to take back the power brands had over them.  They wanted to use social media as a channel to voice complaints and tell other consumers why they shouldn’t do business with us.  What was I thinking?

Do you hear that?  It’s the seconds and minutes counting down on the clock and what a lot of marketers haven’t realized yet is that consumers don’t have a lot of those minutes to listen to marketing dribble on social media.  Sure we are using our smartphones to connect more but it’s to connect more with friends and family not you and your self serving announcement about how your tablet is better than an iPad.


The great thing about social media, however, is that if I have a complaint and you don’t listen to me I’m going to use Twitter and Facebook to amplify my complaint and, in doing so, a lot of other people who are wondering if they should do business with you are going to read my post and go elsewhere.  I may not be able to control a do nothing Congress because of big money but on social media I can vote your brand down with a few clicks and a keyboard.

I expect your brand, company, to be on social media.  If I have a question or complaint I want an answer quickly not in days or weeks and yell me why I should continue to give you my hard earned dollars.  For those of you who are naive enough to believe the social media marketing “experts” you’re going to learn that they don’t know me any better than you and don’t understand my core values and why it is I choose to do business with you.


I’m going to continue to use social media to keep up on news and stay in touch with friends and family so stay out of my feeds with your promotional Tweets because I will reward you by unfollowing you and blocking you.  Social media is for me more than it is for you and I work too damn hard for my money to be interrupted by tier garbage.


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