Social media can kill a brand

UnknownSocial media is an essential customer service tool, but if you need to ensure that the person who is the voice of your brand online understands that the customer rules.

We recently moved to a new apartment, within the same building, in Cambridge Massachusetts.  When we called Xfinity, Comcast, to move our Internet we were unhappy to learn it would take four days for a simple hookup and a $140 charge.  When I questioned Comcast on Twitter the person on the other end thought 4 days was reasonable.  Come again?

I can live without a TV, but Internet access is essential to my business so four days without access is unacceptable to my clients who need updates and work done.  It seems that the person speaking as the voice of Xfinity on Twitter could care less that are without web access.  Compare that to Fios which was able to move a connection in 24 hours or Century Link who sent a technician out the next day when my home Internet kept going down.


We decided to move from Comcast to FIOS as soon as it’s available in our building. I realize that Comcast’s stock won’t tank because of my defection, but this was an easy fix for them.  They should have apologized and said that will get to me as soon as possible rather than say that four days is acceptable to go without Internet.

The wrong person as the voice of your company can kill a brand.  Are you listening?

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