Are people​ changing the way they use social media in 2019?

  • Social media users have reached 3.196 billion which is 42% of the total population of the world. This indicates a 13% increase from the year before.
  • 39% of the total population access social media through mobile devices.
  • Even among 55+ multi year-olds, 20% of them say that they have utilized social networks while looking into products/services.

If you thought people had the will power to leave Facebook because they are exploiting us think again. Facebook still rules with the most daily active users (more than 2 billion) and is also productive for organic & paid campaigns with huge potential reach.

 Brands on social media

The brand personality defines the brand’s image and the way it carries itself on social media among the audiences belonging to different generations. The more authentic it exhibits itself on social, the more effective it gets on the customers. Different brand personalities reverberate on social when organizations put time and assets behind social procedures that test existing known limits.

Consumers expect brands to be honest, friendly, helpful, funny, trendy, politically correct, and snarky depending on their industry type.

A brand should know the thin line between annoying and cool. Basically, how a brand implements its social media marketing strategy is as important as the subject brand uses to talk about. Brands always try to relate its products/services with the current events in the world that are popular among the customers.

 According to SUMO Heavy, social networks influence 58% of consumers’ buying decisions.

Being responsive, offering promotions and providing educational content have turned out to be the top three parameters that influence the social users to engage with the brands increasing the possibilities of conversion. Attending to customers’ doubts and grievances assure them that the company cares and is always directed towards providing them a good experience.

Offering customized deals on social media can undoubtedly increase the engagement ratio from the users. A brand usually asks the customers to review them or like the page or tweet about them in turn for a complimentary gift. This tactic usually works for the best.

What does it all mean?

1ne: Heavy social media usage on mobile devices could be caused by boredom. We all like to check social media while we are waiting for lights or during other boring periods.

2wo: We need to differentiate social media marketing from social media advertising. They are different with different metrics.

3hree: Brands need to differentiate their content between brand super fans and brand prospects. Again, very different strategies.

4our: Don’t discount Instagram. The ability to show product ads a very high incentive to potential buyers.

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