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changeLook at virtually any consumer industry and you’ll see how changes in digital technology are fundamentally altering the way that consumers engage with brands before, during, and after a purchase. Building powerful consumer experiences requires brands to operate outside their comfort zone; for example, they must work with much shorter cycle times, with more rapid and frequent iterations, and through a broader vendor ecosystem than the traditional advertising agency process.

Consumers increasingly demand marketing messages and offers that are highly personalized, relevant, and targeted. Miss the mark, and you risk losing them forever. In that regard, digital marketing offers both greater rewards (in terms of higher engagement and ROI) and greater risk (due to the execution complexity and the need for behavioral changes across the organization).


Booz & Company conducted with the Association of National Advertisers and Korn/Ferry, 72 percent said that building capabilities in the area of digital marketing is vital.

Odds are that one of these models represents the right marketing organization for your company according to the report;

Digital Branders are most often consumer products companies or other marketers that focus on building and renewing brand equity and deeper consumer engagement.

Customer Experience Designers use customer data and insights to create a superior end-to-end brand experience for their customers.

Demand Generators (typically retailers) focus on driving online traffic and converting as many sales as possible across channels to maximize marketing efficiency and grow their share of wallet.

Product Innovators use digital marketing to help the organization identify, develop, and roll out new digital products and services.

My view..

No organization should be trying to fit any one model, rather they need to use a multifunctional approach so they can both maximize the strength of the company while building new capabilities.


It’s OK to use case studies and best-in-class processes but remember they may have worked within THAT environment; they will not necessarily work in yours.

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