Philip Kotler’s future of business

I like Philip Kotler because he writes what a lot of us are thinking.  However, we should take everything he says for granted.  We, as marketers, need to think about what he says and ask “how does this apply to my organization & marketing?”.

the future business

Here is a perfect example..”As technology becomes a greater force in marketing departments, the marketers of the future will be of a younger average age, Kotler believes. Digital media spend will continue to increase, and Kotler predicts the balance will settle at around 50% traditional media to 50% digital. He compared this to the example that currently, P&G’s digital spend is hovering around 30%.”  Younger?  Well, I personally believe that the best digital marketing people are those who can marry marketing to digital to ensure both integration of all marketing initiatives and support for key brand objectives.


The other aspect of marketing that I believe makes a great marketer is empathy; that is, the ability to think like a consumer and ask “why am I listening to you?” and “what’s in it for me?”.  Frankly, there is way too much interruption going on within the online environment and too many brands think that interrupting us is a way to sell product.

Read Mr Kotler and take it all in but use it to think not as the bible for your company and marketing.



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