stop-it-signI have been consulting for 5 years and frankly I’m sick and tired of cleaning up the mess left by social media consultants.  The last company I worked for hired a big name consultant who wrote a book and charged them a small fortune.  What he left in his wake was an organization that was more confused and wasted a lot of money.  This is the 3rd time I have experienced this and it’s time to stop the insanity.

super-twitter-282x300super-twitter-282x300 target consumers

Superconsumers represent 10% of a category’s customers but account for 30% to 70% of sales and an even higher share of profits according to an article in HBR . It’s easy to reach them. This means that you can dramatically increase the efficiency of your advertising and promotions. Instead of trying to activate lapsed users through expensive mass- market campaigns or paying large sums to deliver coupons to customers who haven’t bought your product in months (and probably won’t buy it now), you can focus your efforts on a narrow slice of your customer base. Direct and digital marketing are often much more effective with super- consumers than with others. That effectiveness can be especially valuable to large CPG companies, some of which spend billions of dollars a year on advertising—and for which a 1% increase in the efficiency of ad spending can therefore be worth tens of millions of dollars.

listentomeA couple of years ago when I was shopping for a car turned to the auto makers Facebook page to see what others had said about their experience with the brand.  I purchased a Subaru Outback but I noticed that there were several complaints from disgruntled customers that had gone unanswered for days & weeks.  Why would any brand do this when 26.1 percent of brands reputations have been tarnished as a result of negative social media posts; 15.2 percent lost customers and 11.4 percent lost revenue?