Why Oreo’s Social Media Strategy Works

oreo-superimportanttest-1-e1414684587279The Influence Marketing Group recently posted an article entitled “Why Brands Should Stop Idolizing Oreo’s Social Media Strategy”.  One of their key points is that “consumers are longing for permanence. In a fast paced world where pithy 140 character observations are almost instantly forgotten or even ignored in the first place, consumers don’t want more disappearing content.”  I would argue that in todays information overload world consumers don’t have the time to remember your social media marketing and that social media is needed to keep the momentum of your marketing moving forward.

Do consumers really want or need to have a long term relationship with your brand?  It depends on your brand and product category.  For Oreo cookies consumers just want a good cookie at a good price.  Oreo’s social media strategy reminds consumers that they both have a great product and a lot of different flavors.  Today, consumers are all about products that make them feel good and nothing is better than an Oreo cookie and a cold glass of milk.


Consumers are getting overwhelmed and overloaded with their social media feeds.  Step away from the Web for a while and you’re likely to be greeted with hundreds of Tweets or a Facebook update that requires you to scroll way down to read.  This is one of the reasons consumers are using mobile devices more and more; to keep up on email and social media.

If you can remind people that your product is still there and relevant, then you have done a great job.  Permanent?  Nothing i permanent today when it comes to social media now if you will excuse me my Oreo awaits me.

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