Once again social media “experts” caught in hype circle

hype-BEAR_PARTY_CIRCLE_SCRIPT_T_Shirt-white-2Mark Fidelman published an excellent article on how the hype around Snapchat is garbage.  I have worked with a lot of consumer packaged goods products and not one of them has seen any type of return by using snapshot, but the problem is deeper here.

According to a recent report by Shift Communications, “There is no current business case for Snapchat.” The report found:

1ne: More than 60% of people who follow at least one brand have not interacted with a brand in the last three months.

2wo:  Over 50% of Snapchat users have not purchased anything they saw on Snapchat over the past three months and less than half of frequent brand-friendly users have purchased something they saw on a brand Snapchat account in the last three months. That’s a terrible ROI result for anyone offering a product for sale on any platform offline or online.


3hree:  Less than 50% of frequent users have recommended a brand to a friend based on the brand’s Snapchat account in the last three months. In terms of the loyalty and the customer journey, this result is “devastating”.  According to the marketing research,[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Snapchat does not appear to significantly boost customer loyalty or evangelism.[/inlinetweet]

So once again the social media evangelists have been called on the carpet and are exposed for the frauds they really are.

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