No, the PC is not dead

JAN15_01_106930064Flurry CEO: The end of PCs is coming?  Sorry but he is way off.  First off the sale of Chromebooks and new, inexpensive Windows laptops is a great indication that the PC is not dead.  In addition, Apple continues to set sales records with Mac’s  and 76% of users still use their PC’s in November.

What we are seeing is the convergence between tablets, smartphones and PC’s.  Tablets and smatphones are good for consuming content and some shopping but as the recent sales of the new iPhone 6 show bigger screens are in demand.

Is Social Media really dead?

Quite a lot of comments on my post yesterday that social media is over.  My feeling is that social media is as part of an online experience as your web browser, but that the newness of the platform has very much worn off.   While marketers are listening to social media “experts” consumers have pretty much indicated that they want to hear less from advertisers and brands while they are using social media.


Should you invest in social media?  As a listening platform and as a customer service platform, there is still value in social media, but please when I am catching up with the people I follow on Twitter please leave me alone!

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