No, Gen Z is NOT putting brands on notice

According to Media Post’s Marketing Daily “Gen Z is bypassing the traditional political system and focusing on consumerism as a channel for change, according to a study. This generation is expecting brands to use their platform for good, especially as they feel the political system and politicians has let them down.”  Then how do you explain their love for brands like Apple, Amazon and Facebook?

Apple has kept most of their profits offshore so they don’t have to pay taxes.  Amazon’s warehouse workers are paid poorly and often have to go to the bathroom in bottles because they don’t have the time to take a normal break.  Facebook has betrayed users’ privacy for money and yet the “great exodus” has not materialized.  The idea that consumers are going to hold brands accountable is pure BS.

Consumers want good products and for the most part they aren’t going to hold brands accountable for their social idealisms.  It’s about getting a new iPhone, or ensuring that my Mazon Prime still delivers in 2 days and who really cares if Facebook sells my personal data?

Brands need to focus on delivering a good brand experience which primarily is focusing on a good product.  Even though Apple’s new iPhone has a range of problems Apple still made more profit in the last quarter than Amazon has ever made.  In other words “I want my new iPhone and I don’t care if it’s full of bugs”.

Do brands need to be socially responsible?  To a certain point, yes but if they are delivering on the product promise consumers will likely forget any missteps and keep buying products.