No, digital marketing is not dead

Click fraud, BOT’s and poor metrics are all casting a dark shadow on Internet marketing even though advertising is only one small part of online marketing.  While social media is now being used for ads and there is talk about native advertising the one key aspect of online marketing is being ignored: your website.

In an online environment of short attention spans and clutter Internet users are still visiting branded websites.  The problem is that too many brands are not doing their homework to ensure that their websites provide a great user experience.

I wish I could quantify the number of clients who haven’t done website basics like testing wireframes or conducting usability studies.  Marketers are too focused on “eye candy” rather than understanding that the web is abut users, not them.  They still look at raw traffic without taking into account simple metrics like bounce rates or number of page views.

The challenge of content

First, let me say that I have mixed feelings about content marketing.  I doubt, for example, that an ice cream brand really needs to update their content that often, but if consumers “need more information” about your product before purchase than content marketing is essential to your online strategy.

There is an abundance of information available online, unfortunately it’s up to consumers to determine which information is good and which is fake.  Your brand should be the “go to” site for trusted information which means that when media stories break about an area in which you compete you have to be the reliable source to help consumers understand what it means to THEM.

Back To Basics

Focus on the one area where consumers are voluntarily raising their hands to say “tell me more” by visiting your website.  Conduct usability studies and invest in your website if you believe your website is an integral part of the purchase decision.  Ignoring your website is akin to saying “we don’t care that you’re interested in more information we just want to tell you the same thing that our commercials tell you”.

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