Newspapers add to their own demise

senseI was surprised to read this week that the Wall Street Journal was laying off editorial staff in addition to digital marketing people already let go earlier this year.  If content is king it really makes no sense to lay off staff who can write that content and integrate it online.  To attract visitors and increase your subscriber base, it’s essential to provide content that both informs, educates and keeps readers coming back for more.  To cut staff is both throwing in the towel and making a strategic mistake at the same time.

While I am a subscriber of the Journal I really don’t care for their “far to the right” editorial that supports the rich and powerful.  However, as a business person I am able to read the information and make up my own mind when it comes to understanding its impact to my business.  I believe that too many business people and marketers, especially are too damn quick to jump on trends when they really don’t understand how those trends will impact their customers or market.


A great example of trends leading marketers by the nose was an article I read that said that more than 75% of marketers are planning to increase spending on digital marketing.  While I am a digital marketing person I also know that some products and brands don’t warrant a big investment in digital marketing. The idea that a shopper is going to go to a frozen pizza company’s website just doesn’t make sense to me.  They are much more likely to look at the packaging while comparing the product to others at the store.

Content is the blood of all newspapers and magazines online and off and the only way to get people to really engage your content is to write really great contents that makes us think.  Newspapers haven’t learned that yet and by not learning the lesson may be cutting their own future.

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