Never believe analysts when it comes to brands

In case you haven’t heard Apple stock is on a run.  Why? Because “analysts” believe people are going to line up for the new iPhone even though iOS is not the dominating operating system anymore.  Are people really going to shell out $350 plus for a new iPhone?  I doubt it.

Apple’s Phil Schiller revealed to TechCrunch in a report published on Tuesday that the Mac’s user base is nearing 100 million users. To compare, there were 400 million computers running Windows 10 as of September 2016, according to ZDNet, and that figure is likely to be higher today.

Over the past few years Apple has stripped the Mac team and beefed up the iOS team, allowing Microsoft to capitalize on this blunder.  OS X updates have been nothing more than under the hood fixes and enhancements not many people use while stories run about people switching to Windows and Mac developers who hate the new Macbook Pro’s.

Despite all these missteps the analysts feel that we are all going to run out and purchase an iPhone 8 when it become available because it may have a sharper screen or wireless charging.  I have taken an informal survey among colleagues and they all said that unless the iPhone 8 makes their coffee in the morning they aren’t going to buy one unless their contract comes up for renewal and they get one for free.  Some even said they want to try Google’s new phone instead of an iPhone.

As for Apple’s desktop and laptop business I have seen a lot, and I mean a lot, of people switching to new Windows laptops because of the features and lower cost.  As one IT manager at an agency said to me “people weren’t happy when we switched them from Apple to Windows but they love the new Microsoft OS compared to Apple which IT managers feel “is stale”.

Apple stock is being driven by a hope and a dream that the new iPhone will break sales records, We’re sure to see stories about the new phones being sold out as Apple keeps supplies low and doesn’t release new sales numbers.

Analysts know very little about consumer behavior and marketing and I think now would be a good time to sell your Apple stock.

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