Too much data, not enough “why?”

unknownThere is a lot of data available to marketers online, but data alone is not a reason to implement anything without an understanding of what the data really means.  For example, Comscore recently reported on how users are using mobile device apps and at first it may seem to indicate that brands should develop an app. However, on closer look the majority of time is spent with just a couple of social media apps.

First the “exerts” were telling us all that we HAD to be on social media instead of TV.  Now they’re trying to tell us that we need to be on mobile and that most shoppers use their mobile devices while shopping.  That is pure bullshit.


If you look at why people use their mobile devices while shopping it’s to either get information on a product or check a price.  That does not really apply to 90% of the products that people purchase everyday.  If we checked prices of soup and ice cream we would never get our shopping done.

If you look at eCommerce orders for August 2016 it clearly shows that desktops are still the primary device to order products online.


Rather than make crucial business decisions based on data alone, make sure you have an in depth understanding of “why?” and how it applied to your category.  Don’t drown in data.

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