Mobile only 4% of ecommerce sales

adbottomlineWhile mobile accounts for 15% of site traffic, ShopVisible’s retail data shows that only 4% of orders are placed from these devices. This supports the notion that mobile users are looking for an easy experience when visiting a site from their device; however, even though they are increasingly browsing from these devices, they still tend to transact more in a traditional web experience. Mobile users do behave differently, even on sites that are optimized, and conversion will likely always be lower than desktop or tablet traffic; however, when mobile users do purchase, the Average Order Value stays consistent with that of an order placed via Desktop. 



New Media and Marketing Insights:

While we keep hearing about the numbers behind mobile and how mobile devices are integrated with Americans the top activities on these devices continues to be checking email and texting.


As Apple prepares to launch a bigger iPhone and an iPad “professional” that’s possibly going to use OS X instead of iOS the key trend seems to be the integration of laptop PC’s with mobile devices.  Consumers want bigger screens on mobile devices with the same functionality as laptops.

Consumers may browse your product on an iPad but they are more likely to purchase it on a PC.  Optimize your site for mobile but don’t lose sight of your eCommerce experience on PC’s.