Millennium mom’s use of social media

momsMillennial mom’s are an important demographic segment who goes online for help and advice managing their busy days.  They are a large segment with huge spending power; 84mm US adults aged 18-34 ; $1.3t in annual spending, $430b discretionary spending and 83% of new moms are Millennials.  For them mobile and the Internet are an essential tools to help them manage their families.









brandsunderstandmeImplications for marketers…

1ne: It’s more than just content marketing for this segment, it’s about relevant content that empowers her and helps her better manage her family.

2wo: Mobile is more than just a dice to Millennial mom’s.  It’s an essential tool to help them better manage their family and schedules.

3hree: She expects brands to better understand her needs and deliver a better brand experience that includes more helpful information rather than sales talk.

4our: Help them connect to your brand and with each other.


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