Measuring the end to end customer experience

measure-successBig data can rarely measure your end to end customer experience and it’s easy for the end to end customer experience to get lost in data, numbers, and meetings to discuss improving sales.  According to Baiju Shah, managing director of strategy and innovation for Accenture Interactive today’s consumer expects relevant and seamless experiences end-to-end across marketing, commerce, and service. In the era of social media, with consumers keen to broadcast their delight or despair, a brand’s ability to deliver a connected and relevant experience to each individual becomes critical for success.

There are a lot of ways to measure your brand’s customer experience and a lot of vendors who promise all-in-one solutions, but perhaps the best way is to take off your marketers hat and become a customer.  Call your customer service department or post a question on social media and measure the response.  How long did it take and were the results what a consumer would expect?


Shah continues because of social media, consumers are more aware of how they are being treated and who is treating them well. With digital technology, consumers have lower costs to switch, and they find it very easy to discover new services and brands. Due to new commerce platforms, anyone can be a merchant, so the diversity of competition continues to increase. These factors add up to an incredibly tough environment to keep your market share, especially as our research shows that large brands are having difficulty driving consistently relevant experiences.  This is just one of the reasons that I believe all brands need a Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO).


The CCEO would be responsible for not only looking at a brand from the outside, but also to ensure that all departments within an organization work together with one goal:to improve the end to end customer brand experience.  While some may feel that this position is a waste of money and resources I would ask “how much is it worth to your brand to keep current customers?”


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