Mass marketing vs 1 on 1 marketing

massmarketingdone“Mass marketing is making the same product for everyone, putting it in every store, then shouting its features and benefits to everyone. And shouting is the correct word.Your first goal in mass marketing is to be heard above the cacophony of thousands of competing messages. That’s far from what your goal should be—to generate sales and loyal customers.  What’s the opposite of this noisy mass-media system of marketing? It’s to communicate directly with customers, individually, rather than blaring at them in groups. It’s to use media that permit this (and the slow and cumbersome postal system isn’t the only way). That’s the future and it’s upon us now.

“As a 1:1 marketer, you won’t be trying to sell a single product to as many customers as possible. Instead, you’ll try to sell a single customer as many products as possible, over a long period of time and across different product lines. To do this, you will concentrate on building unique relationships with individual customers on a one-to-one basis. Many of the tools to do this are available today. More and more of them will be offered”.

one on one marketing

“To make 1:1 marketing profitable, you aim for share of customer, not share of market. In mass marketing, you’re accustomed to selling as much product as you can to as many customers as you can.You’re concentrating on share of market. Now your goal is to ensure that each customer who buys your product buys more product, buys only your brand, and is happy with it. That’s working for share of customer.”

While some continue to talk about Apple’s market share in negative terms, compared to Windows, Apple has never worried about “the size of their market”.  Instead they focus on a great 1:1 brand experience which helps explain how they continue to maintain huge margins.  They have won the share of the customer and in fact most Apple customers are very happy with their Apple products so much so that Apple doesn’t need to do social media marketing.



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  1. Hello,please my fellow followers i request you to outline the differences between mass marketing and one to one marketing.Thank you all.

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