Marketing will always be marketing

marketing sameIf you read enough content on the web you’re likely to believe that marketing has changed a lot and for some products that may be true but for a lot of others it’s still inform and convert.

If I see a new flavor of ice cream that I want I’m not going to go online to “research” the product; just make sure it’s in my market when I go shopping and remind me via great placement and POP displays.  However, if I’me interested in a new computer or car I’m going to do a lot of research online to see what others have to say before I consider your brand.


More and more is going into digital marketing, but what marketers seem to forget is that consumers don’t have the time to read all your content and visit all the sites that are out there.  Not ever purchase we make is researched online because, believe it or not, we still make a lot of impulse purchases and consumers are not always rational and logical when it comes to purchasing products.

Then there is the canard of “inbound marketing”.  According to the inbound marketing blog “unfortunately and fortunately, there are no easy communities in the world of social media. In order to engage followers and build a dedicated following, you must invest the time to build that community. There are websites where you can purchase a social media following but those followers are nothing more than empty numbers. They are not brand advocates, they will not buy your product.


Think about your best friend. How long did it take to get to the point of trust where you believe them when they make recommendations?

Finally, there are those who say that TV advertising is dead. That is pure bullshit.  A recent research poll found that the number one way consumers find new products is with TV ads and the weekly FSI’s are not far behind.

Digital is important, but how important, but marketers need to understand just how important to conversion.  If I want Kettle potato chips I’m going to buy them, I’m not going to research them online.  If you think women are going to go up and down the aisle with their smartphones researching every product they buy then you’re really out of touch with reality.

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