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truthjustahead1It’s time to put away all the hype, all the bull and focus on some marketing truisms that are really important to your customers, prospects and brand.

1ne: Social is a tool that consumers use to get discounts, learn about new products or complain about your product(s) but consumers just don’t have the time to engage all the brands in their life.

2wo: The most important asset, of all your digital marketing, is your branded website.  You need to invest in a great branded experience with an in depth understanding of why consumers are coming to your site and what they want/need/expect once they get there.


3hree: More marketing dollars will be wasted on poor branding efforts because too many marketers don’t understand what’s really driving the moment when a prospect becomes a customer.

4our: One thing that all viewers have in common: they decide whether to even glimpse at your landing page in the first place, or not, based on its relevance. Time is of the essence, and people aren’t going to take time out of their day to read or even scan content that doesn’t have any significance for them. That’s why you need to really get to know your target audience and write content that will specifically appeal to them.

5ive: When it comes to developing mobile apps, creating products for new devices, and unifying the customer experience cross-channel, less than one quarter of companies report they “always succeed,” while more than 60 percent “often or sometimes fail” according to a Forrester study commissioned by Elastic Path.


6ix: 99% of all social media marketing consultants are not worth the expense to your company.  “Hit and run” mentality and the search for fame to sell more books is driving their stars brighter.

7even: Even if you succeed at a great digital marketing experience it means little if your customer service department puts people on hold for more than 2 minutes or if your product is not readily available at retail.

8ight: Too many marketing executives worry more about internal politics than they do about customers.  They also develop marketing plans in a silo without getting input and ideas from front line employees.


9ine: You should never, ever, farm out your social media implementation.  People want to speak to employees of your organization, not someone who is an agency mouthpiece.

10en: There is a direct correlation between the cost of a product and the amount of time a consumer will spend researching it online.

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