Facebook, branding, and other marketing lies

SUMMARY: Are marketers so far gone that they believe their branding dribble? Based on what I’m reading on Twitter, the answer to that is yes. Despite Facebook’s lies, brands and agencies remain quiet on the recent insights from a whistleblower. It’s disgusting

At one time, Ogilvy was one of the greatest advertising agencies in the world. Now they’re resorting to brand babble like this:

When I read this, I laughed my ass off. As the Ad Contrarian said, “do people believe this garbage?”. People want two things from brands. They want a fair price and a good product. If you think brands will change the world, I would like to have some of what you’re drinking.

By the way, brands are passing price increases on supply chains directly to consumers. I guess that private label sales will record another double-digit sales increase as people abandon brands because they don’t need them.

Advertisers chose not to hold Facebook accountable

The whistleblower said what most of us already know: Facebook has been lying to us because they only care about money. As of today, I haven’t seen ONE agency rally around her, and in fact, some are acting as nothing has changed. Why? Because they’re brain dead and can’t think of ways for brands to grow without the liars at the social media site.

Last week I refused to work with a client who wanted to launch a Facebook campaign, and I will not work with any client who wants to use Facebook or Instagram. Congress must act to regulate Facebook, and frankly, Zuckerberg and Sandberg need to be replaced.

Stop telling people “marketing is…” and focus on two things: keep your current customers happy and don’t waste money on ineffective branding because you bought into some branding bullshit.

The Ad Contrarian

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  1. Your opinion piece is valid and refreshing. Yesterday I removed FB and refuse to be involved in any social media. What can be done to sound the alarm against the media and the governments embargo to manipulate consumers for their own gain?

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