What marketing executives can learn from the Beatles

The Beatles were arguably the best band in music.  Their music lives on but if you really follow the band you can learn some valuable lessons that can be applied to our business.

1ne: Good teams start with talent and get better over time.  The first Beatles album was good but raw.  Each release after that, clearly showed that they were getting better as musicians and songwriters.

2wo: Teams that learn from each other become better.  John would learn some new songs and share them with Paul and the other band members and through this process they all became a better band.

3hree: A talented team is always better than individual members.  When the Beatles broke up their music declined.  Sure, there were some good solo efforts such as George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass but they were never as good as when they were together.

4our: Teams that are together or too long can develop animosity towards each other.  The film, Let it Be, showed that it was time for the band to go its separate way.  Arguments and hostility towards each other were clearly evident throughout the film.

5ive: Good teams will always want to work together again after some time.  There is no doubt that the Beatles probably would have reunited.  John Lennon was reaching out to Paul McCartney and George was trying to get the band together to record an album.  Alas, it was not to be.

Good marketing teams need to work together so they can feed off each other.  As manager’s we have to be careful about breaking up high performing teams and thinking that they can make other teams as good as the one they came from.

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