Marketers think they are more relevant than they are

More than 70% of advertisers see their ads as relevant to the audience they are targeting. Yet only 8% of people think the ads they see online are always relevant and only 27% of people think the ads they see online are at least often relevant.Half of people who clicked on online ads did it by mistake. As many survey respondents said they had only ever unintentionally clicked on ads as said they had ever intentionally clicked, so clicks don’t mean any one ad is relevant to an audience. Ouch!


In addition to click fraud and BOTS we are now learning that online ads have to be relevant to the audience they are targeting. What a novel concept.  Unfortunately, too many agencies are in love with programmatic ads which aren’t as effective as targeted ads  designed for specific audiences.

What does this mean for marketers?

1ne: Online ads should not be repurposed from TV/print ads.

2wo: Online ad creative should be just as creative as TV ads.

3hree: THINK about your online audience and ask “why would they want to listen to me?”.

4our: ONline ad creative has to be continually refreshed in order to stay relevant to your audience.

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