Marketers still don’t get the Web….

Blacklist-IP-and-website-lookupYou would have thought by now that most brands, and marketers, would have nailed down digital marketing, but spend a day on your iPad or iPhone and you will soon be annoyed by apps that don’t work and intrusive advertising that is annoying at best.

With so much power shifting to consumers and the power of using social media to voice frustration brands have to be careful with their marketing.  This is especially true of intrusive marketing that interrupts people while they are online yet a lot of marketers are still marketing like it’s 10 years ago.  Here are some examples…

1ne: Annoying pop-ups – I’m a subscriber and reader of Harvard Business Review but when I go their website, I am often greeted with an annoying pop-up ad and can’t log in from their feeds via my Facebook page.  Maybe before you print articles on marketing you should practice what you preach?

2wo: Apps that don’t work – Is it any wonder that users delete so many apps?  Just take a look at the Weather Channel app for the iPad and you’ll be greeted with a lot of empty pages.

3hree: Dead links – I am puzzled that anyone would publish a dead link, but for brands this is inexcusable.


4our: eMail opt-outs – Over the last two weeks I have spent a lot of time opting out of promotional emails that were crowding my in box but to my surprise the emails are still coming which is illegal.  Sites that offer quick opt outs are great, but sites that require you to enter your email to opt out tell me that they still don’t understand the Internet is about users.

5ive: Broken upgrades – So you thought OS X was a great operating system?  Well, not according to the 1000+ people who are still having wifi issues after upgrading to Yosemite.  Apple is a brand that never seems to get tarnished but my advice is not to discount Microsoft, whose upcoming version of Windows is spurring new PC sales.

6ix: Using social media as a promotional amplifier – This is really annoying, especially on Twitter, but yet brands are using old media strategies on new media.

7even: Not responding to complaints on social media – You never know when a post on social media is going to go viral yet a lot of brands leave complaints on their social media sites, sometimes for days.

8ight: Horrible user experience – I would say that at a majority of sites provide a horrible user experience.  Usability exists for a reason and no brand should ever launch a site without indepth user testing.


I’m sure I have missed some of your pet peeves but to me it’s all points to the need for excellent digital marketers who can marry a great user experience with brand objectives.

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