Are marketers really publishers?

realy?In an article on the HBR blog Greg Satell said that “marketers need to act more like publishers”  I would challenge this assertion because I believe that there is already way too much content online that consumers are becoming overwhelmed with it.  I mean there will be people who like to go to a website on salad dressing to get new recipes, but are they going to go back to it again and again?  

One of the reasons that tablet sales exploded is that 95% of people use the web to consume content and what better way than an iPad. However, research clearly shows that consumers tend to go to the same bookmarked websites over and over while checking eMail and social media accounts. The real opportunity for marketers is to ensure their content is engaging enough to keep people on their site when they first come to their site looking for answers about their product and brand.


Great content is about talking to your visitors as people and giving them compelling reasons why they should become customers while not trying to oversell them with used car salesmen talk.  A website is a living, breathing representation of your brand but you need to understand why people are coming to your website and how best to ensure they don’t leave your website disappointed not refreshing content in belief that you need to be a publisher.


Execute on the basics of marketing, a great product at a great price and you will succeed.  Spend money on content and you will have fresh content that many people don’t have time to read.

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