Marketers: Please think first

think firstIt’s being reported that a lot of users are getting their news from social media feeds.  While it’s always good to be updated on breaking stories the validity of the stories should be questioned especially since most people scan the Web rather than reading in stories in depth.  Here are a couple of examples…

Headline: Jeff Bezos is among the best CEO’s in the world

Reality: Steve Ballmer went after Jeff Bezos’s company. He said: “I still believe that, over time, markets measure profit. At least, that’s what they taught us in economics class.”He said that for Amazon to justify its current valuation of about $150 billion, it will, within the next few years, need to generate “$10 or $15 billion every single quarter.”

So instead of going on 60 Minutes to promote Amazon drones Jeff should focus more on making Amazon profitable and holding onto employees as most last fewer than 3 years.  In addition Jeff has been known to berate employees in meetings to show his obvious business intellect.  Bottom line?  Anyone can sell billions of dollars worth of products at a loss.  It takes real talent to make money doing it.


Headline:Facebook to Spend Billions on Future

Reality: OK, we know that Facebook wants to rule the world and actually investing in the future is actually a good idea but read this quote “They’re really starting to stretch into new and different territories,” said Debra Aho Williamson, a principal analyst with the research firm eMarketer. “They’re going to make some big bets that may or may not be successful.”

Gee ya think?  What a dumb thing for a so called analyst to say I mean come on.


My personal view is that we should never take anything anyone says via the Web for granted.  We’re all marketing detectives that require a lot of data to make up our own minds.  Nobody should commit dollars to any marketing program because of shallow analyst insights.  Instead they should think about what the author said but the key word here is think.

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