Why marketers need to learn all they can about their target audience(s)

40things002Yesterday I posted a story URL on LinkedIn called “Millennials are over Israel: A new generation, outraged over Gaza, rejects Washington’s reflexive support” to which one of my connections asked “why post a story like this on LinkedIn?”.  Another contact replied “anyone in business needs to understand the changing attitudes as they relate to all business concerns. We have a generation that does not have an emotional connection to the past and different way of investigating information in real time . This plus the use of social media tools shows how they are shaping public policy. These approaches can be applied to other areas, such as policy that affects business concerns, or how the interaction affects PR. This article merely showed an example that was political, but alerted us to the sees difference emerging, and thus is highly relevant.”  I could not agree more.

In today’s NY Times there is a great story on how Facebook helped the marketer of a supplement increase sales and provide a better ROI than TV.  Initially, when a Facebook person asked about their target audience, the marketer replied “every American woman 45 and older on Facebook”.  Today that’s not enough to ensure successful marketing, we need to know more, a hell of a lot more.

The days of throwing an advertising message into the fan and hoping some if it sticks are long over. We, as marketers, need to understand the attitudes of our audience on subjects that may not seem important to our marketing messages.  For example, if we know that our target audience is women 35-55 with HH income $65k+ we also need to understand how many are married, how many have children, how many work and what are their needs and concerns to better manage their busy lives.  Once we understand our target market better we can develop more relevant messages that cut through the clutter and do what advertising is supposed to do, sell products.


As a marketer, I want to better understand our audience so I can think as a prospect and ask “why should I listen to you?”.  Every bit of information helps put a piece of the puzzle into place which in turn improves our marketing.

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