Marketers forgetting about Gen X?

screenshot_549Marketers are quick to take aim at Boomers and Millennials when it comes to informing consumers on the latest trends. Increasingly, Generation X is left at the wayside. Yet Gen X is 81 million adults (35-54) and spend 29% of net worth dollars.

Generation X are innovators and disruptors, resilient and imaginative but too many marketers overlook them to focus on Boomers and Millenials. The trends for Gen X include:

51% of Gen X Feel they are Part of the “Vanishing” Middle Class (vs. 41% for Millennials and 55% for Boomers)

46%of Gen X worry that their kids are spoiled (vs. 33% for Boomers and 41% for Millennials)

82% of Gen X think it is important to instill some sort of financial understanding into their kid(s)
(vs. 77% for Millennials and 80% for Boomers)

Over 1 in 3 Gen Xers find it difficult to work with younger generations, like Millennials.

61% of Gen Xers feel it is (or will be) their responsibility to take care of their aging parents.

Over half of Gen Xers fantasize about just having a day/evening to just do nothing à 58% for Gen X parents vs. 47% for Gen X non parents (vs. 62% for Millennials and 40% for Boomers).

Gen Xers are heavily multi-tasking, with 84% of them using 2+ devices between 7pm and 11pm 71% of Gen Xers say their family watch TV/Movies at home as bonding time 43% of Gen Xers say they have an Internet enabled HDTV set/ Blu-ray player/Set top box (i.e. Net ix, Roku, Apple TV).





The Most In Influential Generation

Gen X has the most spending power of any generation, but a third of them feel neglected by advertisers. Leverage Yahoo’s proprietary data to connect with this valuable audience efficiently.

Constant Brand Drumbeat

Emotionally engage with your Gen X consumer on their smartphone throughout the day and avoid primetime TV. Use mobile ads through Yahoo Gemini to reach this desirable audience efficiently.

Play to the “Researchologist” Mindset

Give Gen X the tools and info they need to make better shopping decisions. Help your brand stand out in search results by utilizing Yahoo Gemini’s search ads.

Use Branded Content to Build Real Life Connections

Gen Xers have a hunger for real, inspirational, educational content. Apply native ads like branded content to strengthen your online interactions with Gen Xers.

Alleviate “Sandwich” Pressures

Give Gen Xers the resources and support to deal with “sandwich” effects. Test your digital ad creative to pinpoint the right product benefits to message this audience and support them.

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