What marketers don’t want to hear

UnknownToo many marketers hiding their heads in the sand and listening to self proclaimed experts who use hot trending buzzwords to sell books. What’s really missing from most marketers is critical thinking skills as applied to their brands/products.

Let’s talk about some of the hottest marketing buzzwords and how most of them are pure bullshit…

1ne: BIG DATA – Big data is not going to save your brand or really improve your marketing.  The key to big data is being able to mine the data for opportunities as applied to YOUR market.  Marketers today are overwhelmed with data but very few have the time or smart people who can analyze big data to validate opportunities.


2wo: Social Media – Remember, not too long ago, how social media marketing was going to save marketing and how all brands HAD to have a social media page?  When Gallup asked more than 18,000 consumers about the influence of social media on their buying decisions, 62% said they had no influence at all. Even among millennials (those born after 1980), whom companies often think of as the core social media audience, 48% said these sites were not a factor in their decision-making.

3hree: TV advertising – Have marketers forgotten about effective reach and frequency? I mean, how many car insurance commercials do we need to see and don’t insurers understand that people are trolling them on the Web? (Just Google Liberty Mutual sucks)


4our: Digital – Digital is important, but does Breyers Ice Cream really need to invest heavily in digital marketing?  There are still a lot of products that are impulse buys where shelf placement is more important than banner ads.

The bottom line? Think first and don’t be taken by buzzword exploiters.

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