Marketers: Don’t trust press release data

tivomarketingTiVo found that, despite the prevalence of multitasking in everyday life, most are actually actively watching TV programming when their sets are on.  More than 45 percent of TiVo users and 35 percent of non-TiVo users said their attention was directed only towards TV, and not to anything else, while watching.  So 65%, the majority, of users were not paying attention and people who recorded programs actually watched what they recorded.  DUH !

Many viewers report having multitasked at least once while watching TV — by, for example, browsing the Internet (69 percent), cooking (48 percent), or chatting online (23 percent) and why not but please don’t tell me that they are paying attention to same old car insurance commercials that run over and over.

Google Multiscreen

I use a DVR and don’t multitask when I watch recorded programs because I recorded them to watch.  When commercials do come on I skip them by hitting the fast forward button as I suspect most users do.

Additionally, the survey found most TV viewers are not using the Internet (not including social media networks) to connect with others to discuss TV shows. Sixty-one percent of TiVo users and 55 percent of non-TiVo users agreed with the statement: “I only want to discuss TV with people I know, not with Internet strangers.” Nearly half (43 percent) of social media users also agreed with this statement, preferring to turn to their social networks versus open Internet forums to interact with others to discuss TV programming.


Really?  Well then the chatter on Twitter around TV programs has to done by…?

As a marketer I would not trust this data because it may not contain a good sample of my audience.  It’s just a sample of TiVo users, which may or may not provide insights into how DVR users use their DVR’s.

According to the third annual Video Over Internet survey, 77 percent of consumers said they regularly use their computer while watching television, an increase of 16 percentage points from just a year ago.

Always question data like this and take the findings with a grain of salt but don’t use press releases to make marketing decisions.



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