Marketers cannot afford to ignore social media

dont ignore meWhen looking at your social media monitoring strategy, note that your brand/company mentions on social will likely not come from social’s biggest players. Social monitoring website Mention analyzed over 1 billion social mentions from the past two years, and in their analysis they found that 91% of mentions come from people with fewer than 500 followers.

Fewer than 1 out of every 10 mention will come from a power user. You can prioritize these power users if you want, but it’s also important to give a quick and delightful response to those with few followers–the vast majority of those talking about you. While marketers have always been trained to go after big numbers the opposite may be true when it comes to social media.


While Only 38% of Facebook user wall posts were responded to by US brands in June consumers expect a lot from you on Twitter. Recent research by Lithium Technologies confirms 53% of users who tweet at a brand expect a response within the hour. The percentage increases to 72% for those with a complaint.

Tools like Must Be Present can help you track your response time on Twitter, or you can invest in software like Spark Central to stay on top of your customer support tweets. At the very least, consider the timeliness of your response to your Twitter followers: Either grab a monitoring service to manage your timeline or get really good at checking your Twitter email alerts.

More and more we are getting a clearer picture of social media and its use in marketing.  While organic reach has declined and the jury is still out when it comes to ads the bottom line seems to be that brands cannot ignore social media, especially when consumers want answers to posts or have complaints.  While I believe social media is part of an integrated marketing strategy, brands have to find the resources to both monitor and respond to social media when necessary. Brands that use social media as another ad channel are going to alienate consumers who are already bombarded with over 10,000 marketing messages a day.

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