Learning Beats Knowing

UnknownStrangely enough, in today’s workplace there are situations where what you don’t know ends up being far more valuable than what you do.How can that be? Time and again, rookies who know nothing about a field come along and end up outperforming the veterans who have years of experience in the industry. This phenomena demonstrates the fact when it comes to the new game of work, learning beats knowing most of the time. That’s the essence of rookie smarts.

The simple dynamic is if you’re placed into an unfamiliar and challenging role, you’re keenly aware of what you don’t know. Therefore, you get busy trying to figure out what to do. You talk to everyone and ask for suggestions. You discount nothing – and often end up doing something great while everyone else follows conventional systems.


Fortunately, being rookie smart is a mindset more than a function of how long you’ve been in a role. You can choose to get into a rookie smart mindset rather than settle automatically for the “veteran comfort zone”. The key is to get on to the perpetual learning curve and live and work there.

Become a fast learner who taps into the collective intelligence of the people you work alongside and you’ll renew your career and find your rookie groove again and again.

“When the world is changing quickly, experience can become a curse, trapping us in old ways of doing and knowing, while inexperience can be a blessing, freeing us to improvise and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Fortunately, even the most experienced professionals and organizations can tap into their rookie smarts. Those who choose to live and work on a learning curve will experience greater vitality in their careers and will be well positioned in the new game of work.”

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