Laurel and Hardy Marketing

LaurelandHardyWayO_3274850k-largeLaurel and Hardy were masters of comedy.  Even when you knew what was coming they manage to make you laugh because their comedy is simple.  Today, with the influx of all types of data, we are making marketing harder than it needs to be.

To me marketing is simple; approach your brand, product, from a consumer standpoint and ask “what’s in it for me?”.   However the experts and people who believe their own hype would have you believe that it’s all about data and analysis.  That is garbage.

There are some things we need to understand about today’s consumers; their loyalty is not easily obtained, even with a great product.  Starbucks had to quiet an uproar about not paying taxes in the UK and everytime a brand Tweets it seems like consumers are just waiting to pounce.

For some reason marketers feel they have to be everywhere consumers go except consumers don’t necessarily want you interfering with their online time.  Marketers are ignoring marketing simplicity and it shows.  For example, Nielsen recently reported that 77% of products purchased at the grocery store are unplanned. So what would be more effective a great POP display or online ad?


Don’t get me wrong, data and analytics can help refine your marketing and paint a full picture of your customers and prospects.  However, when data lead to analysis paralysis and months worth of meetings and PowerPoint presentations your marketing is stuck in neutral.

Keep it simple and focus on your brand/marketing as a consumer, not as a marketer who just wants to sell.  Solving a problem, for example, doesn’t apply to Haagen Dazs ice cream.  If a customer complains about your product exceed their expectations so they become a brand ambassador. If your competition lowers their price don’t feel you need to match them as consumers stick with brands that they trust and meets their expectations.

As Stan Laurel would say:

“You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be led”.



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