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I like to take the pulse of online social media users, so a colleague of mine shares his media company’s research with me and the newest findings indicate that there could be a serious problem with facebook’s ads.

The latest research came from all demographic groups and was conducted in February.  Among the key findings:

1ne: facebook users are getting “more annoyed” with the ads that are showing up in their news feeds.  Several facebook users said that they were not checking their feeds because the frequency of ads in increasing.


2wo: More people are using their facebook feed as “a form of RSS feed”.  They are following their interests and news more than friends, although they are sharing news with friends.

3hree: Boomers are still heavy users of social media and resent that a lot of social media platforms are targeted at “Millennials”.

4our: More companies are blocking social media sites at work thus people are using social media on their smartphones.

5ive: Very few “heavy users” of social media say that they follow the brand’s social media feeds, even if they are passionate about the brand/product.

6ix: Users are becoming “hip” to the use of BOTS when complaining about a product/brand via social media and it infuriates them more.  If brands don’t listen and solve their problem(s) they are more willing to switch brands.

7even: Boomers are heavy users of social media for news, but they are more likely than Millennials to research news topics as they are skeptical of “headlines”.

8ight: Twitter was still being used among all demographic groups, although Millennials said that they had narrowed down their followers because they often get overwhelmed with Tweets.

9ine: Users said they were “most likely” to check their social media accounts when they were “bored” or had “idle time”.  Idle time was identified as things like “stuck at traffic lights, Commuting to/from work, or waiting for something”.

10en: More people said they were “disconnecting” from social media on weekends as the weather gets warmer.  As one group said “it’s spring, time to go outside and leave the phone at home”.

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