Key lessons of a marketing consultant

Unknown4I have been a marketing consultant for over 9 years now and have learned some very valuable lessons. Some have helped me to grow as a business person, but some frustrate the hell out of me.  Here is my list..

1ne: The biggest obstacle of good marketing strategy is often the organization itself.  Too many people with hidden agenda’s and too many processes that are not wrapped around customers.


2wo: A lot of marketers have fallen prey to the “hype” around marketing tactics like social media and mobile.

3hree: The best skill of any marketer is being able to think like a customer and ask “what’s in it for me”.

4our: Much too much time is spent in meetings and doing, redoing, Power Point presentations.

5ive: Marketing is not a science.  It is, at a basic level, an understanding of consumer behavior in YOUR product category.

6ix: Not enough effort is made to understand the “moment of truth” (when a prospect becomes a customer).

Developing a Brand

7even: Brand need to listen to consumers/customers via social media and respond in Internet time.

8ight: All successful marketing programs should be reviewed for key learnings and to learn “how can we get better?”.

9ine: Volume is not as important as profitability.

10en: Good marketers do not take credit for successes but rather ensure the whole team is recognized.

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Rich is a passionate marketer who is able to quickly understand what turns a prospect into a customer. He challenges the status quo and always asks "what can we do better"? He knows how to take analytics and turn them into opportunities and he is a great communicator.

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