What journalists want from PR people

imgresOn an average day I probably get at least three press releases in my inbox and most of them go into the trash.  How can PR people ensure that press releases are read and how can you convince writers to cover your story?

Press releases still have their value in the marketing chain, but we have to acknowledge that most writers are overwhelmed with projects.  To make the most of their time here are some suggestions in dealing with consumer books and journalists:

1ne: All press releases should have a summary section with key points that you’re trying to communicate.

2wo: When pitching consumer books/writers start first with an overview as to why your story is important to their readers followed by key points.  If they are interested they will ask you questions, allowing you to expand your pitch.


3hree: It first has to be about them and their audience and how YOUR information makes their job more relevant.

4our: The amount of time and effort you spend pitching consumer books should be in correlation to their importance.  Don’t spend valuable minutes pitching magazines that have a very small or narrow reader base.

5ive: Make the journalist the hero by spreading the word.  Writers love to be among the first to have a hot news story as they can use it to promote themselves on social media which in turn benefits you.


PR can be a great valuable marketing tool but in addition to pitching the consumer/trade books remember the influencers who can help make your brand/company more visible.


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