Invest in digital analytics fundamentals

googleanalyticsAt its best digital analytics can help marketers optimize their website to provide a better ROI.  At it’s worst, digital analytics can provide vanity metrics, like total website visitors, that have little to do with branding & marketing.   As 78% of marketers are feeling pressured to become more data-driven marketers have to learn to use the right analytics that provide meaningful and actionable insights.

37% of brands think there is a digital talent gap within their organizations.  If you have one marketing person for your brand then you’re not going to be able to really understand the valuable online behaviors that drive conversion and a great brand experience.



Digital analytics are way too complex for one person to do part time which is why Google is offering a free online course.  It should be required reading for all your digital marketing people because the more you understand about analytics the better your digital marketing.

Some CPG companies are already adding digital analeptic departments but there remains a challenge of communicating important metrics with key organizational influencers and your market research people.


If digital is an important channel for your brand, and it should be, then you need people who know analytics but, more importantly, can translate what the analytics tell them into actionable insights and then “sell them” to management to optimize the digital experience.

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