Why I’m sick of “engagement

stop insanityI keep hearing the word “engagement” when it comes to online marketing, but too many people are focusing on the wrong metrics.  To me, the top metrics for engagement are time on your site and page views.  Social media engagement is pure bullshit.

Consumers raise their hands and make an effort to come to your branded website.  So why in the hell wouldn’t you want them to stay as long as possible on your site?  I have seen branded websites with bounce rates of over 80% and visitors who spend less than thirty seconds on the site.  This is totally unacceptable.


The first thing I usually ask people is “did you conduct usability studies?” and, “did you do some research with your audience to ask what THEY want in your branded site?”.  The number of times I have heard “no” baffles the mind.

On social media “engagement” is a pure canard seeded by self appointed experts who love the attention they get when they post a story or write a book.  Consumers don’t want you invading their social media time.


Then there is the content marketing myth.  Just how much time do you think consumers have to read your content?  They usually go to their bookmarked sites and Facebook page and don’t have time to read your content unless they have a specific question.

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