I’m a Digital Marketing Technologist

How do I describe what I do on my resume and LinkedIn?   The best way is as a Digital Marketing Technologist.  Here’s why..

digital marketing tech

Too many companies think in terms of digital marketing. Instead, they should be thinking in terms of marketing in a digital world. The best marketer in a digital world would be the marketing technologists, people with heavy digital DNA and technology acumen. They will be integrated seamlessly with the marketing groups and will play an important role in how marketing strategies are developed and applied.  More importantly, they will be able to cut through the hype and bull to provide digital solutions that actually drive business objectives.


One of the reasons that I have been so successful with clients is that I don’t make promises that their digital marketing is going to lead to a spike in sales.  What I first do is try to understand their business and see myself as a customer.  In some cases a great digital marketing initiative may help, but in a lot of cases it’s just ensuring that their digital marketing aligns with brand objectives.

Here are some examples…

1ne: A CPG client wanted to better understand why their banner ads were not performing well for a new product launch.  As I began to dig around I found that the banner ads had not been tested, were being served based on demographics alone and worst of all the new product was not yet available at some key retailers including Target and Wal*Mart. The recommendation was to test some banner ads and then roll out the ads based on behavioral segmentation when the product was widely available at retail.

2wo: A company had just paid an agency almost one-million dollars to redo their branded website.  After 6 months key web metrics had declined to include an increase in the bounce rate, decrease in time on site and decrease in page views.  My initial review of the branded website homepage was that it had way too many calls to action and looked like an outdoor billboard.  In addition the colors used were loud and bright. Recommendation: Market research with target audience indeed clearly showed that people were turned off by the homepage.  Subsequent research resulted in a new wire frame that resulted in an increase in web metrics across the board.


Now these two examples are not brain surgery, they are applying what I have learned to real business problems.  My background in digital marketing has led to many great success stories but along the way I have the bumps and setbacks that made me a better digital marketer.



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Rich is a passionate marketer who is able to quickly understand what turns a prospect into a customer. He challenges the status quo and always asks "what can we do better"? He knows how to take analytics and turn them into opportunities and he is a great communicator.

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