How much does your brand need digital?

Unknown-1Look in your pantry for a minute.  How many of those brands/products did you buy because of their digital marketing?  Probably very few, yet the self proclaimed experts are now trying to tell brands they absolutely have to have a big digital presence.  Bull!

I purchase Barilla pasta because I like it and that is the simple brand promise to keep me as a customer.  Somehow, some marketers believe that we are going up and down the grocery aisle looking up every product on our smartphone when that just isn’t true. Do you really need to spend time looking up Breyer’s ice cream if you want and like ice cream?

Brand Promise Wheel

I love digital marketing and it’s what I do really well, but I also have a keen understanding of how much digital plays in the purchase decision.  The reality is that for some products a big digital presence is not as important as shelf position, packaging or space in weekly flyers.

Marketers need a better understanding of the “moment of truth” which is the moment a prospect decides to become a customer and focus on tactics that support conversion.  Adding a lot of content on your site is not the answer as consumers are already bombarded with content online.


A brand website is a necessity, listening on social media is a necessity, but develop an understanding of just how important digital marketing is your brand before drinking the Kool-Aid from experts trying to sell books while inflating their personal brand and egos.

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