Getting people to fall in love with your brand

It’s a new customer world out there which means that brands who really pay attention to their customers don’t need to just compete on price.

gettingcustomers to love your brand

Why is it important to have consumers fall in love with your brand ?

  • Price becomes much less of a deciding factor when choosing between your brand and competitors.


  • Happy customers will tell their story to others becoming ambassadors for your brand. You can’t put a price on word of mouth advertising like that.
  • Today market share does not necessarily mean a profitable brand. Apple doesn’t have the number one market share in PC’s but they are extremely profitable and are worth more than Dell.
  • Consumers want brands who listen and hold brand accountable for not listening to their concerns/issues

How to get customers to love your brand

1. Trust your customers and trust those people who come in contact with your customers everyday by empowering them to make customers happy.

2. Listen to what consumers are saying about you, your brand, your company and competitors.

3. Put your customers at the center of everything you do and ensure that you communicate this promise to them in action and words.

4. Become “real” in your relationship with your customers.

5. Earn the right to have a relationship with your customers and understand that earning this right has to be done by every employee everyday.

6.When things go wrong apologize and do whatever it takes to earn back your customers respect and business.

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