Gary Vaynerchuk says “bullshit reporting over common sense” is killing marketing

THOUGHT: Gary Vaynerchuk, the self-promotional brand, dropped a few bombs from the ANA Masters of Marketing on Friday. He chastised the audience for being too tied to metrics, citing the example of a client that refused to advertise on TikTok “because there was no report for them to latch onto.” The industry, he charged, values “bullshit reporting over common sense.” It’s time for him to join the real world.

I don’t know ANY marketer who would spend money without some type of metrics to indicate that his budget was actually driving brand objectives. Gary Vaynerchuk seems to think that he should be able to present a media plan to a client without being asked “what did it do for me?”.

He said that while marketers like to talk about consumer control, the actual decisions are made in ivory towers. The notion that a good idea can come from anywhere “is complete horseshit. Queen Bee decides,” he said referring to the top-level marketer.

Maybe in the past, or in big pharma, but I have found actually that decisions are being made at lower levels. If I went into a client with a marketing/media plan with no metrics for accountability I would quickly be shown the door.

So let’s be honest here, Gary Vaynerchuk is a self-absorbed, self promotional guru who thinks he knows better than every other marketer out there. He still has not apologized for his bullshit on social media marketing and if he is such a great marketer one has to winder why so many brands haven’t utilized his services.

There will always be people who equate their marketing greatness with social media followers instead of actual accomplishments. It’s too bad people can’t see through his scam.

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