Fame 2.0, all style and no substance.

suckerThis week in my RSS feed I happened to come across the most retweeted marketing people on Twitter.  As I read the list I was amazed a how many “authors” and “agency” people there were but where were the people who actually had past successes in working in a branded environment?  Have marketers become so shallow that they are willing to take advice from people who are better at self-promotion than actually doing something to drive brand objectives and add to the bottom line?

Fame 2.0 all style and no substance.  I don’t know about you, but I am getting really tired of reading what we should be doing from those who have never done it.  We should be looking at these “experts” with the same scrutiny in which we view job candidates.  “What have you done to actually drive brand objectives as it relates to the bottom line?”  is a great place to start but today too many business people are more impressed with self promotional fame than with a presenters resume.


We can, of course, read what they have to say, but we need to go a lot further and ask “is this relevant to my brand, product and customers?” and “will this work in my organization?”.   Remember that these so called experts, not too long ago, were promising that social media could solve all of marketings problems and provide a magic formula for sales.  Now, with Facebook admitting organic reach sucks and Twitter stooping to promoted Tweets (advertising) they are still trying to convince us that they were right.

Social media does have a place in the marketing mix, but to really understand its impact, we need to understand consumers a hell of a lot better.  Until then there will be gullible people who follow these self anointed marketing experts down the path to high promises and little ROI.


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